– Koreans are often very shy. There are many subjects you shouldn’t bring up the first time you meet new Korean friends. But once you get closer to them and they are comfortable with you; then ask all you want 🙂

-Remember to be extra polite with elders and professors. They expect you to bow as a sign of respect whenever you see them (at school, at the dorm, or on the streets)

– Taxi drivers are not all friendly. Expect that. – Koreans are the most honest and generous people I have ever met. There are no danger walking alone at night anywhere. If you lose your phone they would buy a charger, charge the phone, call you, give it back to you with the charger they bought and leave with a smile. Trust me on that one.

– Be open to meeting people from all over the world and take the opportunity to practice your english.

– Gonzaga dorms are comfortable. They offer breakfast and dinner. But I suggest you to leave and explore the town. Don’t wait for the last month. Seoul is a real treasure kingdom. If you miss out, you’ll regret it. – Listen in class. You don’t want to spend too much of your time in your books during your personal time. You would want to do other activities. Anyway Korean teachers love it that you pay attention. Now sit back and listen, you’ll absorb more than you think.

– I miss Korea. It’s a privilege you get chosen for an exchange. Now enjoy it to the fullest! Good luck!

With love


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