Planned itineary:

dec17 Flight Seoul – Hong Kong

dec26 Flight Hong Kong – Seoul

dec27 Flight Seoul – Montreal

Actual itineary

dec17 Flight Seoul – Hong Kong

dec26 Flight Hong Kong – Seoul

dec28 Flight Seoul – Montreal

I’ve spent my last few days in Asia in Hong Kong and China with my family. It felt good seeing them again. it was just enough to feed my homesick hunger while keeping me busy from my post-exchange depression. When i got back from Hong Kong, I headed straight to Gonzaga hall (Sogang University Dormitory) to meet up Alizee and little Tony. They were waiting for me. I planned on spending my last night in Seoul in a jimjilbang (Korean spa where everybody gets naked and opened 24hours where you can spend the night for as little as 12000won, 11$ – just if you’re curious: with Alizee. Sadly we were both sick, so opt for a good resting night so we would be in shaped to go shopping on the 27th early afternoon, right before my flight. I spent my night in Tony’s room since her roommate stayed out. One last girl sleepover we had 🙂 it was perfect. When we got up on the 27th morning, we headed to Dongdaemun, where I bought two bow ties for a friend of mine from Montreal who asked me for it. Dongdaemun is a pretty good place to go shop – they’ve got really good quality and special goods from different style designers. It’s very affordable – for what you get, it’s definitely a good deal. We, then headed to Myeongdong, another shopping district. What’s good about there: it’s GINORMOUS. You can find big American and European stores like Zara, Forever21, Mango, and other brands we have in Canada (forgive me i’m still a girl, you can tell by the stores I notice first). You can also find typical little Korean boutiques, little stands on the streets selling scaves, earmuffs and tuques (probably other stuff in summer), korean cds shops, cosmetic boutiques, and much much much more. You can basically find mostly anything there. Alizee, Tony and I went have one last Korean style lunch in Myeongdong – dakgalbi chicken. That is one of my favourite meal in Korea. It’s so deliciiious. Since you cannot find much cheese (or you do, but very very expensive cheese) in Asia, cheese dakgalbi is like heaven on earth. Some places in Sinchon are open 24hours, it’s my favourite spot with Jany when we get 4am cravings :3 SO basically, you can choose to add whatever you want to your dalgalbi (spicy marinated chicken on hot pan) such as sweet potato, cabbage, rice, tekkboki (korean rice noodle AMAZING also) and cheese obviously.



We had a little starbucks coffee after lunch, then headed back to Gonzaga, grabbed my luggages and went straight to Incheon Airport.  Since it take about an hour to get there, we made sure we’d arrive by 5pm to hop on the plane that leaves at 605pm. Due to little obstacles, we got to the check-in coutner at 515pm. GUESS WHAT. It was closed 15minutes ago. I started panicking. I ran to the help desk, then to the baggage inspection officer, then to airline’s main office. The plane was still there, and I could not check-in because I am 15 minutes late. I’ll have to get a ticket for the next flight, which is scheduled the next day. Like it was not bad enough, the airline staff told me the plane the next day is overbooked and all there are left are business seats for 4000$.  I made some phone calls, and managed to get a flight change instead of having to purchase a new one; which only cost me about 100$. Although I’m now stuck in the airport from 515pm to 12pm, which is about um, 19hours, I’m glad everything worked out and I can be home tomorrow night. Conclusion of the story, do not panic, there’s a solution to everything. Moral of the story, get to the airport three hours before boarding, and I mean BE AT THE AIRPORT THREE HOURS BEFORE BOADING.

Merry christmas and Happy New Year

With love


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