School and Parties

Ni Hao from Shanghai

School has officially started for a week now and the classes are surprisingly interesting. It brings in perspective the vision of China has on the world of business, contrary to the Western view that we have back home and I am looking forward to discuss this matter with the teachers and professionals alike. The level of the classes feels similar to HEC, but with only 1.5 hours/class. The workload is halved…

To the fun part… to all girls… here in Shanghai, EVERY Wednesday and sometime Friday, it is ladies’ night, you drink for free, but really free with no cover or whatsoever. Some clubs don’t have the highest quality of drinks… but it’s still free, sometime, it’s champagne, nothing special too (that, was sarcasm). Now, this isn’t super surprising, but how about this? Just by being foreign looking, you get a free bottle of whiskey as a group? Guy or girl makes no difference. Of course, not every club is like that. Yet, the mentality of the managers of the bars/clubs which ‘ex-pats’ or foreigners go to, is to have as much non-asian people inside their property. They know most of us are students or doing an internship, so they don’t expect to make money off us, but our presence makes their club looks hip or international, a reputation that they all envy to have. We attract local rich people to come inside the clubs and the managers make a lot of money off them, so in some way, we are the attraction, feel weird, but free drinks!

Also, we seem to have a very active international exchange group this year in the city because one guy decided to throw an open house party at his apartment just in order for people like me to meet similar fellows. Damn, those Germans know how to throw party… The great thing was he invited people not only from my university, but two other universities and anybody we ask too. We ended up over 150 people in a 5 and ½ apartment… At the end, I was zigzagging to get to my clothes so I don’t step on people’s heel… It gives you an idea. We even created a facebook page to unite all the people and they seem to plan open house parties quite often. The motto is ‘Raise the volume till we get cops in front of the door and we go clubbing after!’ I didn’t meet that much people that night because I was chilling with my friends, but, I would like to meet all of them eventually cuz that’s what exchange is all about!

Till next time

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