First Day of School at Shanghai

After 10 days of arriving, searching and settling, I have finally started school at Tongji University in Shanghai. I am the only Quebecer from Montreal since the other student is French. Also, most of the exchange students are from Europe save for two from University Laval. The class itself is not long, 1h30, half compare to the class in HEC. Being able to communicate with most of the exchange students either in french or english is obviously a good asset for meeting new people. However, for local people, I need to go to supermarket, restaurant or even just on the street to find these occasions.

Shanghai is a true metropolis. It is defined by numerous districts with uniqueness in each of them. I have visited the most touristic parts and they are indeed beautiful. The people reminds me of New York, a lot of people, but at same time no people. They are busy in their little world of work/studies/multi-media. I have yet to go out in a club or bars till very late, but will do this week. I will update on that once I have more info

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