All good things come to an end

This is my first post on the HEC exchange blog. I’ll have to present myself first, let me make it short and sweet (:

I’m currently in my second year studying in HEC, and i spent my Fall2011 semester in exchange in Seoul, South Korea. I travelled around Asia two months prior to my arrival in Seoul, but also during my exchange. Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Philippines were my chosen destinations. If you guys have any questions about travelling, I’m more than passionate to share my experience with you (: My exchange is coming to an end. I’ll be leaving this amazing country in two days, heading to Hong Kong to visit close relatives. Looking back at this exchange just made me realize how small we are in this world and how much there is to discover. Not only have I met amazing people from all over the world, but I’ve also learn so much about a culture I would’ve never thought I’d be interested in. It’s now time to say good bye. All there’s left to do is to enjoy my last two days here with the people I love.

If you have any questions, comment on my post, I’ll get back to you asap!

With love




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