I think the most useful tip for a student going in exchange in Korea would be about the transportation there.


Seoul has one of the largest subway system. It’s definitely not comparable to Montreal. Kay, well from Incheon airport, the fastest way to get to Sogang University or Ewha Women’s University (red star on the metro map attached above) is by the express line. You’ll need to purchase a T money card, and money charge it. From the airport, follow the Airport Railroad (got to precise, not Airport Express). It’s about 45 minutes ride to Hongik University Station. You get off, then transfer to line 2 (green line) to Ewha University station. You’ll have to walk about 7 minutes to Gonzaga Hall (the dormitory).


I’ll tell you more about the different districts on my next post. Hope you’ll manage to get to your dorm 😉

With love


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